Sunrise Winter Hike

Back in December 2016, right at the end of the year in a contemplative mood, I got the chance to hike the mountains which circle my village.

Starting early whilst still dark, I made my way up the steep path through the trees. Glimpsing the golden sunrise on distant peaks. Magical moments which spurred me on.

Sunlight flooding through the forest, creating an enchanting effect. I pressed on and broke out of the trees to be greeted by spectacular views – light rays streaming across mountain tops creating hazy, mystical shadows. Nature in all its glory.

This is it – my why… Revitalising and energising.

I went on to enjoy more great experiences, walking for many hours, faced a few fears and got to enjoy some improvised sledging… Along the way I recorded some video, waffled on quite a lot and finally I’ve managed to edit it together into this, my first proper online video. I hope it gives you a sense of what it’s like to experience these amazing mountains.

Here’s the photo gallery from the day

Comments? Thoughts?