Businesses I’m involved with

Nous Technology Group – a Hold Co I co-founded recently to build and invest in technology businesses.

Intuition Networks – a company I started in 2003 to provide hosting services to other tech companies (our partners) and now I’m honoured to say serves many household names including some of the UKs most discerning organisations. We’re kind of old school, but what we lack in website presentation, we make up for in service substance.

In Distribution – a hands on, value added distributor of Zimbra Collaboration Server, serving ISPs and Managed IT Service providers across Europe and Africa.

Logicata – Logicata takes responsibility for ensuring your AWS powered applications are secure and always performing well, so your dev team can focus on building new features instead of worrying about infrastructure.

Hotel Palarine – a wonderful family run 36 bedroom hotel nestled in the mountains of Andorra near where we live – so well regarded for its warm welcome and the most amazing, freshly made Chinese food in Andorra, that we couldn’t resist the offer from Graham and Maria, the amazing duo who run the hotel, to become investors in 2018. Since then we’ve renovated every room, were forced to refurbish completely the huge restaurant after the ceiling collapsed (luckily whilst we were closed) and survived two years of virtually zero income during the Covid years! We’re finally making some money now!

Malta Guides – helps people immigrate to and setup their company in the island of Malta. We work with trusted partners whom we’ve come to know due to our long standing connections with the island.

Support for Ukraine

Ukraine Aid Ops – a team of unpaid volunteers, based all around the world, who were previously unknown to each other prior to April 2022 and who have gone on to raise nearly $5m worth donations for life saving gear and equipment which we’ve delivered directly to Ukrainian soldiers fighting on the front lines in Ukraine. I was a founding member of the management team whom I support now as a board advisor, setup the U.K. charitable organisation in April 2022 and help oversee the US Foundation – a 501(c)3 charity we formed in May 2022, from a financial and governance perspective.

New thing I’m very excited about

I’m going to launch Expand Community – which will be a collective of doers, who’ve realised that paying it forward is the way forward, and who want to leverage their knowledge and resources to 10x each others outcomes.

Mentioning this publicly because it’s uncomfortable for me to launch this, which is why I need to do it. The name may change. The concept probably won’t as it’s been gnawing at me since 2017.

Inspired by Help Expand – a second new project I’m working on to help raise funds for an incredible initiative to safeguard and rewild ~1m Hectares in the Eastern Cape of South Africa – one of the most biodiverse regions on our planet. Read more…