(This is a Now page, inspired by the original)

Updated 7th, Jan 2024

What I’m Focusing On

Family and Health – which means putting my well being and close relationships first – being a good son, partner and father. I’ve not always been great at this.

Supporting Ukraine as a volunteer at – I strongly believe this is a moment in history where it’s imperative to stand with Ukraine against the horrific and unjust invasion of their lands and terrorisation of their people.

Growing – our goal in 2024 as the shareholders, is to take ourselves out of the day to day operations.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

I’m going to launch Expand Community – which will be a collective of doers, who’ve realised that paying it forward is the way forward, and who want to leverage their knowledge and resources to 10x each others outcomes.

Mentioning this publicly because it’s uncomfortable for me to launch this, which is why I need to do it. The name may change. The concept probably won’t as it’s been gnawing at me since 2017.

Inspired by Help Expand – a second new project I’m working on to help raise funds for an incredible initiative to safeguard and rewild ~1m Hectares in the Eastern Cape of South Africa – one of the most biodiverse regions on our planet. Read more…

More on the projects page.